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Imaging Presentation Partners offers several options for the fully-managed operation of our multimedia, evidence presentation systems.  Catering to different budgetary specifications and service preferences, we utilize both Trial Consultants and Trial Technicians at the helm of our presentation systems to offer clients flexibility.  Our consultants and technicians are equally adept at presiding over our evidence presentation systems, with the difference being the consulting services rendered by our Trial Consultants.

Imaging Presentation Partners’ Trial Consultants offer a unique and valuable service in court by presenting evidence via a computer system, while simultaneously observing juror reactions to testimony and evidence.  Unlike the lawyers, support staff or client, the Trial Consultant is in a unique position to observe the jury, without the risk of offending them.  More importantly, Imaging Presentation Partners’ Trial Consultants are experienced in the art of observation and can impart strategic insight to the Trial Team.  After court each day, the Trial Consultant provides the Trial Team with his/her observations of key moments during the proceeding that, in turn, are used to develop strategy for the following day of court.

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