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Shadow Juries

A Shadow Jury is an important and yet often overlooked tool in Jury Consulting.  "Shadows" are retained to provide the Trial Team with concurrent and ongoing feedback during trial.


We integrate Shadow Jury monitoring seamlessly into the courtroom, without disruption to the actual proceeding.  The Jury Consultant serves as both the conduit of the feedback and the intermediary between the Shadows and Trial Team.  The Shadow feedback is distilled by the Consultant and reported to the Trial Team daily.  The Shadow Jury methodology, as delivered by Imaging Presentation Partners, provides the Trial Team the benefit of helpful feedback in an efficient manner sensitive to the time constraints faced by lawyers during trial.


The Trial Team gains real-time insight into the potential concerns, confusion and issues that the sitting jury may be experiencing.  The Trial Team can then use the feedback to structure the following day’s examinations.


A Shadow Jury may be used in a variety of matters, but is of particular value in Intellectual Property, Antitrust, and other matters that deal with highly complex and/or unfamiliar subject matters.  Shadow Juries are also valuable in any high-stake case, such as securities litigation and mass torts.


While other Jury Consulting firms offer similar services, few if any have elevated the value of this underutilized tool as has Imaging Presentation Partners.

Shadow Jury