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IPP's TrialTouch™

Through ingenuity and experience, IPP has developed TrialTouch™, a revolutionary presentation tool for expert witness testimony.  TrialTouch™ transforms the Expert Witness into professor and raconteur.  The Expert Witness’ entire jury presentation is illustrated through slides, which are programmed into a touch-enabled flat screen monitor.  Off the witness stand and in front of the touch-enabled monitor, the Expert takes the jury through the presentation with a simple touch from his/her fingers. 


Jurors have reported that TrialTouch™ is like watching television.  A TrialTouch™ presentation transforms a dull Expert presentation into an engaging and educational juror experience!


TrialTouch™ Examples:

  • Personal Injury Matter (Defense)
  • Rental Matter (Plaintiff)
  • In-Court Presentation
  • IPP's Patented Software - IPS
  • Commercial Presentation Software
  • Remote Witness Preparation
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